The curse of the what? The most notorious sports curses around the globe

[post_page_title]The Curse of Billy Penn[/post_page_title]
Philadelphia used to have great success in sports, but it all went downhill at some point in the late 1980s. Some believe it was because of the curse of Billy Penn. Back in the day in Philadelphia, there was a gentleman’s agreement not to build a building taller than City Hall with the statue of William Penn, who founded the city, standing on top of it.. But in 1987, One Liberty Place was erected, standing taller than City Hall and Billy Pen. After, Philly sports teams continuously broke their fans’ hearts: the Flyers lost twice in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Sixers lost the 2001 NBA Finals, Phillies the 1993 World Series and the Eagles were defeated in Super Bowl XXXIX. Something was going on. In 2007, when the Comcast Center was being constructed, workers put a small statue of Billy Penn on the final beam, putting him back on top of the city. The following year, the Phillies won the World Series.
billy pen

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