The many residences Kate Middleton has called home

[post_page_title]Sitting by the fire[/post_page_title]
Talk about quaint. Back when she was a child, Kate probably spent quite a bit of time in this living room. Whether it was sitting down with her family to watch TV or playing with her toys on the floor, we imagine the Duchess got a lot of fun out of being in here.

Plus, it looks like it was definitely the place to be during the cold winter months. With that impressive fireplace dominating the room, a roaring fire would have kept Kate and her siblings warm and toasty.
[post_page_title]Filled with warmth[/post_page_title]
The Middletons really loved their fireplaces apparently. Not that this one got any use from the looks of it, although that doesn’t matter. There’s something incredibly warm about this room that we expect made it feel very homely when little Kate was living here.

We could see her being the type to run around the house from room to room, especially if she had younger siblings to play with. She might be all poise and elegance now, but everyone’s different when they’re a kid.

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