The many residences Kate Middleton has called home

[post_page_title]Dinner is served[/post_page_title]
From the looks of it, this is where the Middletons will have sat down to have dinner and enjoy time together as a family. With a great view of the backyard, this was definitely the most scenic place in the house to have a meal.

During the summer months, the Middleton children probably would have tried to wolf down their meals as quickly as possible so they could enjoy the sunny evenings outside. Back then, Kate never would have imagined where her life would end up in a matter of years.
[post_page_title]Heart of the home[/post_page_title]
Where would those meals have been cooked up? Right here in this rather sleek looking kitchen. It might still have a quaint charm, but the black and white combination definitely modernizes this room compared to some of the others around the house.

Things look a little empty in here because the photo was taken after the Middletons had vacated the property. However, we imagine that while they still called this place home, the kitchen would have been bustling activity and packed full of food for the family of five.

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