The many residences Kate Middleton has called home

[post_page_title]Space to sleep[/post_page_title]
Want to know where Kate slept while growing up? This is it. Surprisingly, the room that the Duchess of Cambridge had was actually bigger than her parent’s bedroom. It’s almost as if they knew she was going to be someone of great importance when she was older.

Kate would have had plenty of space to move around in here, even if her bed took up a lot of room. We certainly wouldn’t have minded sleeping somewhere like this when we were kids, although admittedly Kate didn’t always have it so great.
[post_page_title]Size doesn’t matter[/post_page_title]
Talk about a tight squeeze! Before Kate got that nice, big room, this is where she had to sleep at night. The small size was ideal when she was very young because she didn’t need much space.

However, once she got older and her younger siblings came along, Michael and Carole had good reason to give Kate the bigger room downstairs. We’re sure that the Duchess of Cambridge was grateful for that, especially as it meant she wouldn’t bump her head on the ceiling anymore.

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