The turbulent life of Ronda Rousey

The turbulent life of Ronda Rousey

Star athlete Ronda Rousey is a woman to be feared in the ring, but outside of it, she has had plenty of personal issues to battle through. This is her story.
[post_page_title]The early years[/post_page_title]
Ronda Jean Rousey was the third daughter of parents Ron Rousey and AnnMaria De Mars and was born on February 1, 1987. Her mother was a keen judo player and went on to become the first winner from America to win a world championship in the sport!
The early years

Rousey had a problematic birth after she was born with her neck being wrapped in the umbilical cord, which caused a close graze with death after suffering from no oxygen. The delivery left Rousey slightly brain damaged growing up.

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