The turbulent life of Ronda Rousey

[post_page_title]A change of career[/post_page_title]
Rousey made the decision to retire from the sport aged just 21 years old following on from her success at the Olympic games. She found herself a new roommate, and the pair moved into an apartment in California together.

A change of career

However, Rousey found this to be incredibly hard work, as she had to work three different jobs just to be able to afford a life for her and her pet dog. Working as a cocktail waitress and bartender, however, wasn’t what Rousey really wanted to do…
[post_page_title]Fighting for a career[/post_page_title]
Back when Rousey was learning the art of judo, she trained with two men that would go on to become professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters.
Fighting for a career

Her fellow teammates went on years later to talk about how they believed Rousey would be able to beat any of the other women competing in MMA, but that they thought her face was too sweet to be hit. Deciding that a life of regular jobs wasn’t for her, Rousey went on to pursue a life working in MMA.

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