Quarterbacks and the WAGs who drive them

Quarterbacks are the players who go out onto the field and get our teams to victory. For play after play, drive after drive, they move the ball down the field to get touchdowns, extra kicks, and so much more. Trying to see and predict which strategy a particular quarterback will use is extremely fun, interesting, stressful, and exciting.

However, behind every drive on the field is a woman driving their husband or boyfriend to greatness. These are the Wives and Girlfriends (WAGs) of the quarterbacks – the women who make it all worthwhile and who drive their partners to achieve amazing feats on the field.

In fact, it is many times our spouse or significant other who is our main support system, and who helps get us reach success in different aspects of our lives. Sports stars are among the most renowned winners, who are pushed to greatness by some of the most amazing women in the world.


The women supporting our favorite sports stars come from various fields, though unsurprisingly, many are models, actresses, social media personalities and influencers, or athletes themselves. We’re guessing the glamour and fame draws these two groups together. But while they are certainly gorgeous, we wouldn’t dismiss any of these ladies as just a pretty face: in fact, a lot of times the WAGs will end up earning more money via modeling, acting or promotions than their strong, tough, quarterback partners do on the field.

We wanted to see who these powerful, super women were who are able to inspire their husbands and partners to throw the ball, run the team, and strategize every single play towards victory. These women are usually these guys’ biggest support, and since watching these titans score on the football field is one of our favorite pastimes, we wanted to see what it is that makes these guys go harder, faster, and stronger.

Even though some of the women on this list are no longer together with their quarterback beaus, we still appreciate the support they gave their men, and makes them that much more impressive in our eyes. To be honest, there is a good chance we chose these wives and girlfriends based on how big of a crush we have on them, and hope to find someone as smart, beautiful, and supportive as these women. Until then, though, we’re glad we can admire these incredible ladies from our place in the stands.

Jessica Szohr/Aaron Rodgers — Green Bay Packers

Jessica Szohr is best known for her role as idealistic, sharp-minded Vanessa in the hit television series Gossip Girl. However, she is also known for dating Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. After Rodgers broke up with model and actress Olivia Munn, he was on the prowl for some more, and came across Szohr. The two have since broken up, but she as seen at his birthday party recently, so we wouldn’t count them out yet.

Gisele Bundchen/Tom Brady — New England Patriots

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are perhaps the most famous couple in the entire National Football League and are easily one of the biggest power couples on the planet today. With a combined fortune of over a half a billion dollars, these two are definitely on top of the heap. Their wedding was known for being huge and lavish, but believe it or not, they only planned the wedding over the course of a week and a half! Now that’s what we call talent.

Kristin Cavallari/Jay Cutler — Chicago Bears

Kristin Cavallari is the esteemed wife of Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler. The two have been married for several years. Cavallari, a reality show star, was engaged to Cutler in 2011, then the engagement was cut off, then re-engaged a few months later. The couple have two boys together, and Cutler is extremely excited to have his kids finally be able to watch him play football. Kristin on the other hand is more apprehensive about their involvement in the sport, especially considering the concussions Cutler has received.

Candice Crawford/Tony Romo — Dallas Cowboys

Candice Crawford and Tony Romo have been married since 2011. He married the former Miss Missouri 2008 in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by close friends and family after dating for several years. The couple now have three children together, and while Candice has said that she does not want to have any more, Tony has been quoted as saying that he will push her to have a least two more kids for him since “women love babies.”

Elizabeth Smith/Alex Smith — Kansas City Chiefs

Just like in the movies, Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Alex Smith fell in love with one of his opposing teams’ cheerleaders – Elizabeth Barry, who was a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. The couple now have two kids together, two sons named Hudson and Hayes. They also run a charity together called The Alex Smith Foundation, which helps disadvantaged youth. It sure seems like they managed to get over their team pride rivalry to us!

Katherine Webb/AJ McCarron — Cincinnati Bengals

While AJ McCarron might play football for the Cincinnati Bengals, he is Alabama born and bred. He met his current wife Katherine when they were studying out at the University of Alabama, and it was there that AJ proposed to her. However, not everyone was excited for Alabama’s favorite couple to get married, with someone mysteriously writing graffiti on the wall imploring AJ not to wed Katherine. AJ did not listen, and today, the happy couple lives in Cincinnati where they are raising their son Tripp.

Kelly Hall/Matt Stafford — Detroit Lions

Kelly and Matt Stafford met each other while they were both studying at the University of Georgia in Athens. Matt was the quarterback for the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team and Kelly was one of the cheerleaders on the cheerleading squad. The couple dated for several years until in 2015 Matt suddenly proposed to her. The couple currently has two children, identical twin girls named Sawyer and Chandler. Kelly became pregnant a little over a year after the wedding.

Lindsey Duke/Blake Bortles — Jacksonville Jaguars

Lindsey Duke and Blake Bortles were the hottest couple at the National Football League combine back in 2012, which is how Duke got so famous. She is known as a social media influencer, and was first put in the national spotlight when her then boyfriend Blake Bortles was trying out for the Carolina Panthers (a position he succeeded in getting). With Duke’s criminal record and a bad girl attitude, Bortles ended up breaking up with her. She recently went out with The Bachelor’s Ben Higgins.

Ciara/Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks

Ciara used to be married to rapper Future, but she has since divorced him and has partial custody of the child they share together. Now Ciara has moved up north and has married Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson. The two have been together for a while, and they seem to be very in love with each. The couple have several charitable institutions they promote together, including the Why Not You Foundation which helps disadvantaged youth.

Abby McGrew/Eli Manning – New York Giants

Eli Manning is the younger brother of Peyton Manning and used to play as the quarterback for the New York Jets. While Abby is originally from Tennessee and Eli is from Louisiana, the two met while they were both studying at University of Mississippi in 2002, with Eli popping the question in 2007. The two got married in Mexico a year later, and Abby has since given birth to three daughters; Ava, Lucy, and Caroline.

Drew Stanton/Kristin Schrock – Arizona Cardinals

Kristin Schrock and Drew Stanton have been married for several years, and they say that their faith is the most important driving factor in their lives. The two have been married for some time, and spend as much time as they can hosting and holding fundraisers for various charities. In fact, that is why Stanton chose to wear the number five jersey, to remind himself to have at least five charity fundraisers a year with his family, with whom he is very close.

Sarah Marshall/Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons

Sarah Marshall’s Matt Ryan is the unforgettable Atlanta Falcons quarterback, and was a big deal when he was playing ball at Boston College. Ryan was such a big deal that he was known throughout the entirety of the athletics division there, where he gained the attention of one Sarah Marshall, a point guard on the team’s women’s basketball team. The two were wed in 2011, and their marriage has been as strong as their biceps ever since.

Kia Proctor/Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers

Kia Proctor and Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton have been together since 2013. In fact, the couple have two children together, daughters Chosen Newton and Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton. Kia also has another child from another man who is still quite important in her life. However, all of Cam’s fans want to know if he and Kia will get married. Whenever the paparazzi asks this question, the couple get quite rude, and tell the paparazzi to step off.

Abby Foster/Mitchell Trubisky – Chicago Bears

Mitchell Trubisky may not have a girlfriend right now – may being the operative word here. He was recently seen at a charity event with Abby Foster – the winner of the Miss Illinois beauty pageant as well as an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader. He seemed to be signing a whole of gear while she was around, and we can not help but think that there may have been in spark in their eyes as they took a selfie together. Who knows what the future will bring.

Yasmine Nicole Lee/Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott seems to be a combination of religious as well as superstitious. He has a brand new girlfriend named Yasmine Nicole Lee, but he has a very interesting agreement with her. The two will not engage in conjugal relations while the NFL season is underway, and will only have them when he gets into the playoffs. We hope for his sake he can get into the playoffs and finally get to know his girlfriend in a deeper, more intimate way.

Jammi Miller/Paxton Lynch – Denver Broncos

Jami Miller and Paxton Lynch were both college athletes at Memphis University in Tennessee, so it was no wonder that the two would come into contact with each other and fall in love. Jami was on the school’s softball team while Paxton was on the football team (obviously). The couple have been together for several years, yet the two have yet to get married. In fact, while Paxton lives in Denver, Jami is still close to her parents in Chicago.

Dawnielle Baucham/Brett Hundley – Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Hundley is married to a woman who may one day become more famous than he is. That is because Dawnielle Baucham is a singer-songwriter, and has been writing songs for some time. In fact, she actually recorded and released her first ever studio album recently! Before she went into the music industry Baucham studied at University of California, Los Angeles, where she was a track and field star.

Amy Galbraith/T.J. Yates – Houston Texans

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, T.J. Yates is the quarterback for the Houston Texans football team. He was first picked by the team to be their quarterback in 2011, but was then traded to the Atlanta Falcons. After playing for the Falcons for a little bit, he was then then traded back to the Texans, then the Dolphins, then the Bills, and finally, back to the Texans. Amy and T.J. have been married since about 2014, and they do not seem to have any children.

Nicole Pechanec/Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck was picked the first overall for the role of starting quarterback after legend Peyton Manning left the team to go play in the mile high city. Andrew Luck has made his mark on the city of Indianapolis, as has his girlfriend Nicole Pechanec. Pechanec and Luck met when they were studying at Stanford University, and Pechanec even has a degree in engineering. She was also a student athlete, becoming captain of the Stanford gymnastics team.

Megan Lopez/Sean Mannion – L.A. Rams

Sean Mannion is the quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, and perfected the art of football while he was playing for Oregon State University. It was also the place where he met his long term girlfriend – Megan Lopez. The two are very sporty and active together, and it appears as if they really enjoy going out on the town together. We hope that this couple turns into a power couple because they’re just so cute together.

Brittany Brees/Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints

Brittany and Drew Brees have basically been New Orleans royalty ever since Breese stepped out onto the field for New Orleans immediately following Hurricane Katrina. The couple met when they were studying at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. In fact, the two regularly spend the offseason there with their four children; Bowen, Calen, Rylen, and Baylen. The couple are also very involved with Habitat for Humanity. They seem like great people!

Tori Moore/Nick Foles – Philadelphia Eagles

Tori Moore and Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles met each other at the University of Arizona and immediately fell for each other. We wonder if they met at the gym, as Nick was playing football for the University of Arizona Wildcats and Tori was playing volleyball for the school. The couple dated for a while before finally getting engaged in 2014, and then married quite soon after. He is regularly seen wearing a rubber wedding ring, as that is the only kind of jewelry quarterbacks can wear out on the field.

Julie Hampton/Kirk Cousins – Washington Redskins

Kirk Cousins is the quarterback for the Washington Redskins, and got married to his now wife Julie Hampton several years ago. Cousins actually proposed to Julie while they were on balcony of the Office of the Speaker of the House. The couple recently had a baby boy who they decided to name Cooper. The couple have been together for quite some time, and we are sure that they are super happy with their growing family, and of course, their plethora of adopted dogs!

Sloan Young/Jacoby Brissett – Indianapolis Colts

Sloan Young and Jacoby Brissett began their loving relationship while the two were still in college at North Carolina State University. Brissett graduated from the institution of higher learning with a degree in interpersonal communication, and has called Young his personal inspiration to continue to drive to succeed. It is perhaps because of Young that Brissett is a healthy, avowed teetotaler, and only drinks water, juice, milk, and sometimes soda. He was the first black quarterback to play for the New England Patriots, and is now playing for the Indianapolis Colts.

Kimberly Caddell/Case Keenum – Minnesota Vikings

Case Keenum is the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, which must be a change as he was born and raised in central Texas. He had probably never seen snow before he was shipped up north in order to play in the wintery state of Minnesota. His wife, also from central Texas was probably equally as surprised to be sent to the great white north, but judging by how much the couple are in love, it is probably not a problem for them.

Whitney Hand/Landry Jones – Seattle Seahawks

Whitney Hand and Landry Jones began their relationship like so many other couples on this list – in the weight room of their school, The University of Oklahoma. The two both played sports for the school, with Hand playing basketball and becoming one of the best ever shots on the team, and with Jones playing football and having a cannon for an arm. The two are very religious, got married, and even have a child together. In fact, right after their child was born, Whitney shooed Landry away so he could go play ball.

Breion Allen/Jameis Winston – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Heisman trophy winner and first round draft pick Jameis Winston has had quite a rough go of it, with allegations of harassment swirling around him from his college ball days. However, his new girlfriend, Breion Allen, seems to be getting him back on the straight and narrow. Video surfaced of Winston and his girlfriend at a religious retreat for NFL players, and there is even a video of the two getting Baptised together. That’s a keeper.

Heather Neel/Derek Carr – Oakland Raiders

Heather Neel was a waitress at a restaurant called BJ’s Brewhouse in her native Fresno, California when Derek Carr came and sat at her table and was immediately smitten by her. However, as she was a devout Christian, she made him shape up and get his act together, and this helped him become the football star we know him as today. The couple eventually ended up getting hitched and they now have two children together – Dallas and Deker.

Deanna Favre/Brett Favre

Brett and Deanna Favre have known each other since they were toddlers, and have been in a relationship with each other since they were in high school. The couple had their first daughter while Brett was at school playing football. She went on to put herself through college while raising their daughter, and eventually moved up to Wisconsin to help him overcome a pain pill habit. Today, Brett and Deanna are still going strong and are proud grandparents.

Ashley Thompson/Peyton Manning

Ashley Thompson was introduced to Peyton Manning while he was playing football at the University of Tennessee, and then the rest was history. The person who introduced them was a neighbor of Ashley’s who thought that the two would make a cute couple together. They hit it off, and in 2001 the couple got married. She is credited in being his rock and his stability, enabling him to become the greatest quarterback of all time.

Sam Ponder/Christian Ponder — Minnesota Vikings

Samantha Ponder was at one time known as the one and only ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele. However, she took one look at Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Christian Ponder and knew that he was the one for her. But it was Christian who started the courtship, reaching out to her via direct message on twitter. The two were married a short while later, just two weeks after the proposal! Not in a ceremony mind you, but in a civil procedure in Wisconsin.

Jordan Dalton/Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton met his wife Jordan when they were both studying at Texas Christian University down in Fort Worth, Texas. The couple got married in July of 2011, and had a son a few years later in 2014 who they decided to name Noah. The Dalton couple also are the heads of a charity called the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation which focuses on helping homeless children and families. The charity recently received well over a quarter of a million dollars from Buffalo Bills fans.

Erin Osweiler/Brock Osweiler

Erin and Brock Osweiler were introduced to each other through mutual friends, and the two immediately hit it off. After finally moving in together, Brock bought a ring and planned to propose to Erin on top of a mountain in Vail, Colorado. However, he was so anxious that he just came down into the kitchen one day, got down on his knee and proposed. The couple were married in Scottsdale, Arizona, and now have a daughter named Blake.

Tiffany Rivers/Philip Rivers

While a lot of people may have married their high school sweethearts, it is the rare couple that goes on to marry their first middle school puppy love. Yet this is exactly what happened to Tiffany and Philip Rivers. They met in middle school and have been together ever since. In fact, the two got married when they were both only freshmen in college! The couple currently have eight children – six girls and two boys.

Ashley Harlan/Ben Roethlisberger

Ashley Harlan and Ben Roethlisberger dated on and off for over six years before the couple decided to tie the knot. However, as per their religious beliefs, they refused to live with each other until they were married. The couple had their first daughter a little over a year after the marriage, and they currently have two children together. Ashley helped to get Ben back on the up and up following his scandal, and drove him to do community outreach and charitable work.

Danica Patrick/ Aaron Rodgers

NASCAR and IndyCar racing legend Danica Patrick is currently dating Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The couple confirmed their relationship in mid-January 2018, and seem to want to keep out of the public spotlight for now. This has been a big year for Danica Patrick who also announced she’ll be leaving racing following the Indy 500 in May of 2018. The serial entrepreneur who has both her own vineyards as well as a clothing line is a lifelong Bears fan, but she says she’ll switch loyalties for Rodgers.

Dana Grady/Joe Flacco

Dana and Joe Flacco were both raised in the town of Audubon, New Jersey and began dating each other while they were still in high school. The couple finally got married back in 2010 on the Fourth of July, and the couple currently have three sons together. Interestingly, Flacco missed the birth of his second son because he was playing against the Cleveland Browns at the time. However, he learned his lesson, and skipped the Pro Bowl in order to be there for the birth of his third son.

Shaelyn Palmer/Carson Palmer

Former Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Carson Palmer has been married to his wife, former member of the United States Women’s Soccer Team Shaelyn Palmer for over 15 years, having tied the knot back in 2003. The couple have two children who are twins; a son named Fletch and a daughter named Elle. The two are also involved in philanthropy events, raising money for a California children’s home called the Hillview Acres Children’s Home via a philanthropy golf tournament.

Brittany Matthews/Patrick Mahomes II

Brittany Matthews and Kansas City Chief Quarterback Patrick Mahomes II may not be married quite yet, but they are definitely an item, having been together for over a half a decade. Their relationship has lasted through the years despite the two going to separate (and even rival) colleges! She studied at University of Texas while Mahomes went to Texas Tech. Matthews studies Kinesiology and wants to work with children who have special needs.

Bo Podkopacz/Trevor Siemian

Bo Podkopacz has been dating the Denver Broncos’ new quarterback Trevor Siemian ever since the two were studying together at Northwestern University in Chicago. An athlete herself, Podkopacz played for the Northwestern University Women’s Soccer team. We are sure that the two’s intense workout and game schedules enabled them to understand each other just that much better, and we wish the two of them the best, and we are excited to see if Siemian will be able to fill Peyton Manning’s shoes.

Kiyomi Cook/Marcus Mariota

Tennessee Titans Quarterback Marcus Mariota has been dating his beau Kiyomi Cook for several years. Cook, who lives with Mariota in Nashville, Tennessee, currently works as a soccer coach and cheers on Mariota at every game. Cook met Mariota while they were attending the University of Oregon, where Cook got a degree in human psychology. She is also very active in charity, having joined several Habitat for Humanity builds in Nashville.

Claire Marino/ Dan Marino

Claire Marino and Former Miami Dolphins Quarterback Dan Marino have been married for over 20 years, and the couple have six children together. Dan and his wife are very involved in charitable giving, and have set up a walkathon for autism due to the fact that one of their children was born with the disease. Claire is a wonderful mother, having stayed with Marino for the sake of the children following a scandal Dan had with a CBS production assistant a little bit ago.

Kayla Phillips/Tyrod Taylor

Kayla Phillips dated Tyrod Taylor for a few months before the Buffalo Bills quarterback decided that he no longer wished to be with her. There is ample evidence to suggest that she knows how to get what she wants, and that she typically dates men who are wealthy and have a good future. In fact, it has been alleged that Kayla tries to “trap” wealthy men by getting pregnant by them, thus ensuring a steady income stream for the rest of her life.

Lauren Tannehill/Ryan Tannehill — Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill met his current wife Lauren when they were partying it up on Spring Break 2009 down in Panama City, Florida. The stayed in contact with each other, and three years later, the two love birds got married. Lauren eventually became famous for her role on the reality television show WAGs, and the couple have been using this fame for their various philanthropic adventures. The couple recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Steel, yet there is no word yet on if they will have another child.