Quarterbacks and the WAGs who drive them

[post_page_title]Abby McGrew/Eli Manning – New York Giants[/post_page_title]
Eli Manning is the younger brother of Peyton Manning and used to play as the quarterback for the New York Jets. While Abby is originally from Tennessee and Eli is from Louisiana, the two met while they were both studying at University of Mississippi in 2002, with Eli popping the question in 2007.

Abby McGrew/Eli Manning – New York Giants

The two got married in Mexico a year later, and Abby has since given birth to three daughters; Ava, Lucy, and Caroline.
[post_page_title]Drew Stanton/Kristin Schrock[/post_page_title]
Kristin Schrock and Drew Stanton have been married for several years, and they say that their faith is the most important driving factor in their lives.
Drew Stanton/Kristin Schrock

The two have been married for some time, and spend as much time as they can hosting and holding fundraisers for various charities. In fact, that is why Stanton chose to wear the number five jersey, to remind himself to have at least five charity fundraisers a year with his family, with whom he is very close.

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