Quarterbacks and the WAGs who drive them

[post_page_title]Abby Foster/Mitchell Trubisky – Chicago Bears[/post_page_title]
Mitchell Trubisky may not have a girlfriend right now – may being the operative word here. He was recently seen at a charity event with Abby Foster – the winner of the Miss Illinois beauty pageant as well as an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader.

Abby Foster/Mitchell Trubisky – Chicago Bears

He seemed to be signing a whole of gear while she was around, and we can not help but think that there may have been in spark in their eyes as they took a selfie together. Who knows what the future will bring.
[post_page_title]Yasmine Nicole Lee/Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys[/post_page_title]
Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott seems to be a combination of religious as well as superstitious. Back in 2017, he had a girlfriend named Yasmine Nicole Lee, but he had a very interesting agreement with her.
Yasmine Nicole Lee/Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys

The two would not engage in conjugal relations while the NFL season was underway, and would only have them when he got into the playoffs. Since then, he has moved on to another relationship, but people still remember when this decision made the headlines.

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